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About Me

About Me

I am a frequent traveler. I had been travel within Peninsular Malaysia, Tokyo (Japan), Oita (Japan), Fukuoka (Japan), Tottori (Japan), Melbourne (Australia), Berlin (Germany), Boston (US), Dalian (China), Shanghai (China), Taipei till Kenting (Taiwan), Manila (Philippines), Bangkok (Thailand), Seoul (Korea).

I am now working with my own business “CLK Management Service” and will be able to help you understand how “Trip Itinerary” is a key component of:-

1. Staying organized (e.g. know your way and timing)

2. Able to maximize your vacation time. (e.g. wasting precious time searching for places)

I did research most details ahead of time, so that you don’t use valuable vacation time. You will be able to determine how many sights and/or activities you can squeeze in comfortably. We will able to provide accommodation suggestion, transportation suggestion and even local day tour package suggestion.

I will not only try my best but always give my best shot to serve you.

Here are the benefits you will obtain (most of the time):-

  • Be your own tour guide!
  • Be your own travel agent!
  • Customized itinerary.
  • Budget suggestions.
  • For Photo Mania!
  • Geek Pilgrimage!
  • Money Saver!
  • Flexibility!

Will keep you all posted!

I had started developing an e-book “CLK Trip Diary” which is regarding:-

  • Customize and suggest the walking distance and convenient interchange according to trip’s member age, walking capability and BMI.
  • Holiday with Children
  • Holiday during business trip.