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Place to Visit: Tokyo

Place to Visit: Tokyo

Tokyo was originally a fishing village name Edo. Somewhere around 1869, Emperor Meiji moved from Kyoto to Edo (after the reign of the Shogun had ended). Then Edo city was renamed to Tokyo which means “Eastern Capital” and became the official capital of Japan. Anyway, before that it was the center of politics and culture as well. In 1943, Tokyo city merged with the Prefecture of Tokyo into Tokyo Metropolis.

The modern Tokyo

Picture below is the current busiest junction and was called “Shibuya Crossing”. The location that this picture was taken is at Hachiko Shibuya is situated in West Tokyo together with Ebisu, Shinjuku and Harajuku.


Before you are in the air (like picture beside), you need to know which hotel of your choice that having free shuttle from airport to hotel.

Then only you start to select which airline that will arrive at Tokyo airport and the timing as well.

The hotel that I had chosen is “Hotel Mystays Premier Omori” where they provide free shuttle bus from Haneda International Airport to the hotel. And the free shuttle bus schedule pick up passenger at Haneda International airport are at midnight according to timing shown below:-

    1. 1. 23:00 pm
    1. 2. 23:30 pm
    1. 3. 24:10 am or 00:10 am

For me (from Malaysia), travelling with my wife and 3 children (of age 7 years old, 4 years old and 2 years old), had chosen ANA airline that flew from KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) to Tokyo Haneda airport directly. And our flight arrived around 22:00 pm where it took us only 30minutes to pass through immigration inspection and custom inspection. (Follow the airport map in page 4 to the Hotel Shutter bus station then Wait for the white bus)

You can save quite a good amount of money by selecting correct airlines, flight timing and free shuttle bus to hotel. From this saving, you are able to purchase pocket WiFi where it is the most powerful tool you should have if you are travelling by your own (like me)

Remarks: It is not convenient to take train or sub-way for me because I carried one largest luggage (28”), two medium large luggage (24”) and two cabin / small luggage (20”). Therefore, free shuttle bus is my only choice. Nevertheless, I still highly recommended you choose hotel that provide free shuttle bus.

What should you do with saving from airport transfer…..?

As usual you had prepared a budget for your trip. Now, with the free airport transfer to hotel, you might or most probably save about 100 USD. With less than 100 USD, you are able to purchase unlimited data broadband Pocket Wifi from the best service provider: Softbank.

The purpose with Pocket Wifi is to support you to stay connected anytime and anywhere…..most of all, you can stay Safe what its mean?, fully utilize of google map, looking for nearby attraction, nearby food, nearby store, update your GPS location with your smart-watch and etc.

But, remember to bring a long your Power Bank in order to support your Pocket Wifi to operate more than 12 hours while you are still on the road or walking.

Pocket Wifi’s picture is the screenshot & cropped from softbank website. Please visit softbank website for details as per link:-

Hotel Mystays Premier Omori

What are other reasons we choose Hotel Mystays Premier Omori?

    1. 1. It is situated at a quiet and serene neighborhood.
    1. 2. Value for money.
    1. 3. Nearby restaurants, convenient stores and medium & large size supermarket.
    1. 4. Near to 2 important locations which are:-

a. Omori Station where it is only 2 stations distance to arrive at Shinagawa station which is the main hub of Japan trains.
(See the google map below about walking distance from this hotel to the Omori Station)

b. Shinagawa Aquarium where you watch dolphin shows, sea lion shows, fish species and etc. (Child friendly tourist spot, mostly local visitors)

Google Map below: About 600 ~ 700 meters walking distance from Hotel to Omori Station

If your return flight is at Narita Airport…..

With load of luggages (4-5 luggages) which only you alone to manage them, it is not recommended to take taxi or van rental to train station or Narita Airport because it will cost you a lot of money (probably range between 200 USD to 500 USD).

Here is my experience (Helpful Tips): Take the free shuttle from Hotel to Haneda Domestic Airport and take the limo bus express direct to Narita Airport. Here are the charges and it is very reasonable per table below

For details, please visit

Adults Single Child Single
¥3,100 (approximately 31 USD) ¥1,500 (approximately 15 USD)
Duration: 65 minutes – 85 minutes (depends on traffic)

Map below is regarding Haneda Domestic Airport (remember 1F or First Floor in Japan is Ground floor for us). And the bus stop no.7 is the bus stop to Narita Airport and other locations. So, remember to ask the staff that taking care of que for the correct bus to ride.

Or you can email me to get more information at and we are willing to help.

Day 1 in Tokyo, travelling with 3 children age 7 years old, 4 years old and 2 years old. We started our journey by walking from hotel to Omori station during the best period of the season which is almost the end of autumn (end of November 2017 to early of December 2017). We had our breakfast at below “Fish Cake” shop which is one of the shop lots in Omori Train Station. It is very tasty and the price were reasonable. Furthermore, it seem to me that this shop was very famous to the local as well because you can see from picture that people were queuing to purchase the “Fish Cake”. On the other hand, there are other restaurant that served “heavy duty” breakfast meals for traveler(s) whom need to eat a lots!  See the meal that have rice, grilled mackerel, pickles, miso soup and foremost it cost only 5.50 USD (approximately).

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